Age Is Just A Number


“It takes a long time to become young.” ~Pablo Picasso


th-27I’m going to put it out there and say it, “Aging scares the $#%T out of me!” I am vain, there, I said that too! I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty darn good complexion. But, I am getting on into my upper 30’s and… Well, I just don’t want to get old! When I turned 30, I pretty much thought life was over and now 40 is on the horizon. Go ahead and laugh, my husband does. He also says, “Well, there’s always the other option…if you aren’t getting older then you’re dead.” This stated in a sarcastic, straight faced tone. Ugh, men! My husband is six years older than me. So, yes, he is in his 40’s. And I have figured out, men just do NOT get it- the fear women have of aging. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have to age gracefully! A man can go bald, get a big belly, slouch, get wrinkles and so on, other men (in general) will not judge them! And, by the way, I am not stating this is what my husband is doing- I am making him age gracefully! There shall be NO ears, nostrils or eyebrow hairs where they do not belong! 


But, women and men will judge a woman for aging and if she doesn’t do so in a fabulous sort of way, it can get brutal! We are living in a society where social media is at it’s peak. Women are skinnier then EVER and other women are bigger then EVER- and both will be judged! We compare and contrast, we use photo imaging software to portray who we are not. We can dye our hair, put hundreds of dollars of product on our faces and more- still someone is going to judge us. There is just no making anyone happy- including ourself! So, what is the solution?



susan sarandon quoteI personally have decided that I need to start thinking of myself more as a fine wine. “I’m getting better with age…and I’m also getting more expensive.” I think of all the awkward moments of my 20’s. Things that I didn’t know, understand or even realize about myself! I need to stop worrying about what people think of me and work at what I think of myself! Ultimately, it is me who has to look in the mirror at the end of every day and live with who I am on thee inside! I want younger people to look at me with respect and want to be more like me. I want my kids to think highly of me and who I continue to become. And really, aging doesn’t mean you have to lose your looks or who you are…does it?


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14 responses to “Age Is Just A Number

  1. likethelamp

    I try not to look in the mirror. Lol! Mostly,I focus on radiating love, wisdom (hopefully) and joy. I figure it has to shine out from somewhere and maybe people will be too blinded to see the wrinkles. (Almost 50 here). 😃

  2. Hélène Vaillant

    Beautiful, I loved reading this. Great.

  3. Haha, well, I enjoy aging, I really do. My mother keeps telling me how awful it is, but then she was known as a beautiful woman, where as I am cute to some at best 😉
    You do have a fantastic complexion. I have a similar fair and soft one, and women like us, we will wrinkle like crumpled paper and it’s best to accept that. Our hands are about ten years ahead of our faces. We will always look younger than we are.
    I do believe that’s why I enjoy aging, I seem to command a respect I could not before, as a younger person. I will be 43 this fall and it’s fiiiiine. Just fiiiiine. Pass the wine, I’ve heard it’s good for the heart, hm?

  4. whatamigonnadoblog

    Lovely, love the idea that even as we age we are still discovering things about ourselves 😊

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    Is fifty a number or a word? Your answer might depend on your perspective. This post by Southern by Design entitled Age is Just A Number is witty, hilarious and inspiring all at the same time. Please check it out:

  6. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I have been dreading getting old lately – this post has me rethinking it in a positive way! I can’t drink fine wine so I might as well be it!

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