Dare To Risk It

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”~ John F. Kennedy


I have never really been much of a risk taker. In fact, I would consider myself to be much more of a planner- and when I say planner I mean, I don’t do well with spur of the moment changes or whims. In fact I have mentioned before that change in the slightest has in the past had very negative effects on me.

However in the last few years I have really been working on this part of myself. I mean, let’s face it, life isn’t all about planning. Life is unpredictable, messy and will sometimes swing you around by the seat of your pants! Then, add having kids, well this just adds to the risk of things ever changing. So put down the day planner momma and just go with the flow…Ha! Not that easy. But, I did move across country, does that count?


As I’ve shared here we moved South a year ago, after having lived in New England my entire life. We sold our house, packed up our belongings (got rid of about half of them), put the kids and the cat in a car and moving truck and drove South. We moved here with no jobs, no friends or family and little idea of the area. This was about as out of my comfort zone as I’ve been, EVER!

Now, I will not say that the road that prepared me for this move was easy. The previous two years to our move had so many painful and terrible changes, I believe it just broke part of me. However, in the piecing back together, one thing I realized was that there is much to be learned with risking things. If you spend all your time only dreaming and never stepping out to try, how will you ever know what could happen? See: “Thee Elusive Dream”


I want to be able to challenge my kids to learn to risk things in life. Not crazy risks, but to be able not to worry what people think of you and take chances even when things aren’t clear. If you want something so badly you can taste it, then go for it! If it doesn’t work out then learn from the path you took and then begin again, but don’t fear failure. Nothing amazing can happen if you don’t jump in with both eyes closed sometimes! Be willing to jeopardize something for the chance at everything. What have you risked?

 Daily Prompt: Jeopardize

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40 responses to “Dare To Risk It

  1. miraclewings

    Well said

  2. This post made my day. It came at a time of indecision. I know just what to do now. Thank you!!!

  3. Raj Krishna

    thumbs up!!!

  4. cbeadedesigns

    You picked one of my favorite quotes. I’m a planner as well, and I’ve used that to eliminate the huge number of risks to one. One that will get me what I “want so badly I can taste it”. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sue

    Risk-taking is a necessary part of life & an important skill for kids to learn, as a result. Especially in how to deal with things when they don’t always go in your favour. It builds resiliency, which is sometimes lacking in today’s world of wanting & getting everything in the here & now. Smart of you to teach it.

    How brave of you to move across country with no safety nets so to speak i.e. Job, family, etc. I’ve learned that if you make a change & don’t like it, you can change again, though not always easy, I know. I enjoyed your final quote, especially.😊

  6. Thanks for the follow, Michelle! I can just imagine how your family’s move to the beach living from farther north was a risk y’all were willing to take. Wishing you all the best in your new surroundings!

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  8. But I’m scared to! Lol. You’re so right! And I can’t imagine what such a big move was like for you!

    • It is scary and there will be times when it can consume you. But when you look for the strength within yourself or even borrow some from others- stepping out and risking it is what gets you out of where you are stagnant. It moves you forward and allows you to see dreams become reality 🙂 Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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  10. What a great post, thank you for sharing. This is something we all need to do in life and is always so helpful to be reminded. Thank you my Angel!

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  13. gc

    Well said. Thank you for sharing. Best of luck to you always. 🙂

  14. Beautifully written, great advice…nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

  15. I so appreciate what you’re sharing!! Life is messy, isn’t it? I’ve been really working on surrendering … going with what my heart calls to me … accepting what is …. and loving myself through it all.
    Thanks for this great & inspiring post! Have a wonderful weekend.

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  18. I had to chuckle at this. I moved down South from New Jersey many years ago. I thought I had moved to another planet. Now, I could never go back home (NJ will always be my home); I absolutely love it here. I hope you do, too.

  19. Risk is an output, actions we take have an inherent risk associated with them. Learn how to identify risk, mitigate risks in any work or business you do.

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  21. Wow! This is so good…. this post is so inspiring, I just LOVE! What wonderful reflection, I’m glad that you posted it like a answer to the daily prompt, I needed to read this. Well written!

    It was posted a text about the word daring on my blog, if you have a time, please check it out: http://wp.me/pSU64-sE

    Have a good week!

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