Light & Living Color

“Light Between the Trees”

Red, red, red the shine
Of the splendor in the west,
Glowing through the ranks of pine,
Clear along the mountain-crest!
Long, long, long the trail
Out of sorrow’s lonely vale;
But at last the traveler sees
Light between the trees!

by Henry Van Dyke 

Fall time in Vermont, this is truly one of the many splendors of nature to behold. Here I captured an amazing maple turning red, with the sunlight shining through the branches.

FullSizeRender (1)

“Light Between the Trees” Photo by Southern By Design

 My weekly contribution to these photo challenges:

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22 responses to “Light & Living Color

  1. Great photo that goes wonderfully with the poem!

    Thank you for participating in the challenge,


  2. Hélène

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful!!! The light between the branches is amazing.

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  6. Stunning colors and light and perfect for the poem.

  7. Wow. This is truly gorgeous. Thank you!! 😊

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