Thank You Generation Obvious

“The obvious is the hardest thing of all to point out to anyone who has genuinely lost sight of it.”~Owen Barfield

You may have picked up from previous posts of mine, I enjoy humor and sarcasm. I state this as a precursor, I suppose, as I delve into sharing with you a big pet peeve of mine.


We are in a day and age where the obvious must be stated. In other words, we have a generation that is made up of many lacking common sense! And, not only are they lacking said common sense, but then they expect the rest of society to cater to their missing ability. Literally dumbing down everything around us.

“Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment- because, you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.”~anonymous


Now I say this in a very cheeky way, so please don’t think I am being mean. I just recall a time where hot cups of coffee did not have to state the obvious and peanut butter didn’t read, “contains peanuts” on its label. A time where we didn’t need a warning label on everything- now, if we didn’t someone is bound to injure them self, leading to a law suit. I worry for the generations to follow, they will need warning labels on warning signs!

Well, if the new “trend” of Pokemon followers doesn’t just leave you placing your hand to your forehead…Warning- chasing virtual creatures off cliffs and tall buildings may cause death. So, I will just leave you with this video for a laugh. If you watch any amount of television you most likely have seen the Captain Obvious commercials. They make me laugh, but the sad thing is, society has almost gotten to this point. What is your take?

See link here: YouTube-Captain Obvious Video


Thank you Captain Obvious!

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3 responses to “Thank You Generation Obvious

  1. Ruth

    Great minds think alike! 🙂

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