Everyone’s An Expert

“Why People Without Children Shouldn’t Give Parenting Advice” –By Chad Milner

“There’s just something about people without children giving me parenting advice that drive me up the wall.  When someone who hasn’t procreated responds to “You should (insert counsel here),” it takes almost every fiber of my being to respond with a phrase that rhymes with “What the truck cup.” I am aware that, for the most part, people mean well and aren’t passing judgment.  However, I feel as if this is one of the very few arenas in which everyone feels as if they are experts and they have no experience.  There is no manual on how to raise a child, everyone comes from a parent, and were raised by someone.  How one was raised and how one actually raises their children are very different…”

parentingI love this article and recommend reading the rest. He expresses many of my same sentiments. When my kids were little we had a single friend that was constantly giving counsel to all the parents in church. I swear, you would have thought he was an expert. Some of the most obnoxious and condescending conversations I ever had were with this guy. Everyone’s an expert until they have a child!

I now just find it humorous when people think they know everything about parenting! They have read all the books you know. They have prepared…so they believe. But, nothing really can prepare you for being a parent. No two kids are alike (as I have learned from my two). Even parents who have multiple kids will always be surprised by something new their youngest figures out how to accomplish or injure. 


So, I’m going to give you a bit of advice…free of charge. Don’t give your opinion, advice or counsel to a mom, EVER (unless it’s been asked for). She really doesn’t want it! In fact, she doesn’t care how “so-and-so” did this or how your little Johnny did that. She doesn’t want to know your thoughts about breast feeding, what age you believe is best for potty training, how kids should only eat organic and that you don’t believe they should watch television. In fact, unless you are offering to come and babysit for free so she can have a few moments peace- she may not want to hear from you at all. I say this all very tongue and cheek, but you get my point. While the saying goes, “It takes a village” most parents have seen the village and don’t want [it] raising their kids!

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7 responses to “Everyone’s An Expert

  1. yasminmay

    Such an important point to raise, so many people think of ‘the right way’ but there are many of those!

  2. likethelamp

    Yes! I find that the absolutely most loving thing to do with anyone, on most topics, is to support, encourage and ask them questions about themselves. Most people solve their own problems if they have someone kind enough to just listen without judgement. Listen more than talk. Nice post!

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