Unshed Storm

Unshed Storm

A steady rain upon the glass; Beads of water begin to form.

With closed eyes I let it soothe me; I do not fight against the storm.

The drum of water on the rooftop; Gusting winds blow ever strong.

Darkness threatens to overtake me; Yet I know I must go on.

Vibrations of the rolling thunder; Brightness bursts out of the sky. 

The storm is raging fierce within me; But I know I cannot die.

Droplets wet upon my forehead; Eyes look straight into my fears.

A rainbow merges from the shadows; This storm was only unshed tears.

©Unshed Storm by SBDMB (MM) 

“Unshed Tears” by Southern By Design

Weekly Weather Challenge: Thunderstorm


Filed under nature-photography

9 responses to “Unshed Storm

  1. Unemployed Home Executive

    Beautiful ☺️

  2. Darkness threatens to overtake me; Yet I know I must go on…. Lovely and inspiring!

    • Thank you! 😊❤️I’ve been working on my writing and with a tropical storm yesterday I was inspired. What is it about a good rain that brings out the melancholy in me? Lol!

      • An artist’s mind can get clicked anytime and is capable of fantastic and impossible things.. Pain out of happiness, tears out of joy, reaching he sun and gulping it, letting the moon glow more than sun and much more!

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