Follow Or Lead


This post is two-fold today as I first want to mention the #SOCS word which is “accumulate“. This fits in quite well as I have been on a roll the past 24 hours with my writing. Yesterday we had a tropical storm come through, making for a great day to stay home and take to pen and paper. I was rather melancholy, which for me means eight pieces in total written. I shared one last night called Unshed Storm.

So, now on to the Daily Prompt: Sidewalk. I wanted to share a piece that I did, which fit quite nicely into this category. Enjoy and happy Saturday!

The Journey

~by Southern By Design

The path was rough so I chose to follow; You guided me towards a safer road.

When I stumbled your strong arms caught me; Strength in my weakness is your gift.

One day I may be leading and you behind me; Your power all but lost to trials many.

I pray I can find the strength within me; Guiding us on the way towards home.




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3 responses to “Follow Or Lead

  1. When we are with someone whose destination is same as ours ,then it doesn’t matter who follows or who leads .Reaching destination is what matters 🙂

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