What Makes A Hero?

“I am of certain convinced that the greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs whilst the world whirls as a maddening dreidel.” ~Florence Nightingale

What truly makes one a superhero? In my little corner of the world I cannot think of a better hero to name than the person I call Hubby and my kids call Dad. Just some of his attributes include- being kind, patient, humble and putting others first. He is highly committed to our family and also to his faith. His love and support even on the hardest of days is truly a superpower! He isn’t perfect, but as Kevin Costner said, “Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they’ve stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments.”

I am grateful for his willingness to teach our kids and when he takes time out for them- just to do the “little things.” He has many talents, but does not flaunt his abilities. As my best friend he so often considers my wants and needs before his own. He works hard to provide for us and when others are in need his charity is very generous. Often when doing kind deeds it is in secret so that no one knows it is he who did them. A truer hero I could never meet. He may not be out saving lives, but in my eyes he is a great man, husband and dad.

“Yes, there are plenty of heroes and heroines everywhere you look. They are not famous people. They are generally obscure and modest people doing useful work, keeping their families together and taking an active part in the health of their communities, opposing what is evil (in one way or another) and defending what is good. Heroes do not want power over others.” ~Edward Abbey


 “Our Hero” by Southern By Design




DailyPost: Discover Challenge- Superhero


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10 responses to “What Makes A Hero?

  1. Nice post. Your hubby is sure lucky to be your hero.

  2. ednakimaniblog

    Woooow simply awesome… His a lucky man

  3. Gagan khaira

    That’s a lovely post.

  4. I want to get married now! *sobs*

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