Reflections Through The Pane

Reflections Through The Pane

Peering through the window pane

I reflect on the day that’s passed

My tears fall gently, silently

I am touched by hues of color


The tree reflects on year gone by

Day is ending, darkness is at bay

Its leaves begin to fall like rain

There is beauty in the pain

by~ Southern By Design (MM)


“Reflection” by Southern By Design


“Misty Reflection” by Southern By Design


“Deep Reflection” by Southern By Design


Becca’s Sunday Trees-253



Filed under nature-photography, poetry

14 responses to “Reflections Through The Pane

  1. Thank you for such lovely words and images.

  2. Indeed. There is beauty in pain. It’s just so hard to see when going through it. Lovely poem!

  3. Gorgeous images and beautiful poem!

  4. There is beauty in pain when we come out of it stronger and better! The images are lovely. 🙂

  5. Poignant! The photos compliment your imagery through words! Thank you for sharing!

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