Country Side Changings

“The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” ~Henry Beston

My final installment for 3 Days 3 Quotes…3-days-3-quotes1

Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quotes for three days. 2.Three nominees each day (no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you. 4.Inform the nominees.

Day 2 Nominees: I highly recommend you check them out, they are very inspirational and interesting to read.

  1. Vonita
  2. Eyes + Words
  3. Eddaz

My final thanks to Gbolabo Adetunji for nominating me to participate in the “3 Day 3 Quote Challenge.” I am always amazed and honored when other bloggers find my posts interesting enough to read, so thank you! 

The following are some of the most beautiful moments I’ve captured of the country side of Vermont in the fall. This is the one season out of the year when I truly do miss the North. I hope you enjoy.


The Daily Post Challenge: Here & Now


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4 responses to “Country Side Changings

  1. Lovely quotes. Amazing pictures!!!

  2. I love your quote and beautiful images. Thank you for your nomination 💕💐💕

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