My walls have decayed

I am not longer able to stand

The facade that once was

Crumbles under my weight

Splintering and peeling

My bones are rotting

Once full of warm life

Now all departed

Desolate and afraid

One spark and I will burn

Forgotten by all who knew me

I am utterly abandoned




Filed under Depression, poetry

17 responses to “Abandoned

  1. Sad for the house but lovely post.

  2. Mother Willow

    What beautiful write on the prompt. Bravo.

  3. I love old abandoned houses – I keep a whole Pinterest board of them. I always like to imagine what life was like for the house when it was in its prime. Lovely post!

  4. lovely words…. that photograph is amazing…..

  5. The strong imagery of this poem hits the heart with ‘thought splinters’. The metaphor here depicts the inner turmoil. Very well expressed in this poem.

  6. You are interpreting it very well then- for there is certainly meaning behind the words. Thank you for seeing me ❤️

    • I don’t want to sound intrusive. But I hope everything is fine at your end. One with empathy sometimes feels more compared to others. It’s not right for me to ask further, but I wish that you take care and yes having faith in yourself will help you tide over the challenges. Take care. And if you wish to discuss anything with me let me know. I am here. ❤️

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