That Awkward Moment When

As I sit on the couch and watch Willow headed my way, I know that I am soon to hear her small voice chirp at me. I ask her to come sit on the couch with me, but she insists that I come down to the floor. She pats the side of the couch to get my attention, and gracefully falls to her back, rolling around. Smiling at her cute gesture, I get up and sit next to her, petting her tummy. Suddenly it dawns on me, it is that awkward moment when… the realization hits, I have been trained by my cat.

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.”~Bill Dana


©Willow by Southern By Design (MM)

To read more about the life of Willow the Cat visit- Willow’s Three-Ring Circus & Window To The Soul

Today’s Post brought to you by- Daily Prompt: Graceful & #SoCS: Awkward

Discover Challenge: Animal


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12 responses to “That Awkward Moment When

  1. Haha! Yesss, they do train us, and oh so easily!
    My white kitty is like your Willow — she prefers to lie on the floor, rolling and flopping around, just a bit out of reach! Now and again she will seek out my shoulder, but not near as much as she takes me to the floor!🙂

  2. Sue

    So accurate! I know that pose…our cat does it too!

  3. Our big boy Vincent loves tumbly rubs.🙂

    I wanted to thank you for being such a loyal reader.

  4. Ha ha! This is hilarious, thank you. I think I’m going to share that quote on Facebook. Too funny. Many blessings to you, and thanks for visiting my blog again —- so lovely to reconnect. 🙂 Debbie

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