Night becomes my thinking ground
I cannot shut my mind’s eye

Filled with sudden clarity
That which evades the day

Sleep the perceived enemy
Eluding me at every turn

Or am I a child of the night?
Has the daylight deceived me?

Meant to walk amongst stars
The moon my only friend

I am forced to choose
Between the day or night

No harmony for the restless
Only bitter weariness

Sweet insomnia of mine
I shall see you in my dreams



“Beach Walk At Night” ©SBDMB


Filed under Depression, poetry

9 responses to “Insomnia 

  1. I love the beach 🌊 at nights Too…
    you have to find a way to overcome your insomnia.. it’s a nice poem though.. telling the tales of a 😴 sleepless night…

  2. Mother Willow

    Insomnia patterns come to me too. This is a great poem, feeling it through your words.

  3. Excellent poem. Being insomniac myself I can relate to this. Night is the right time to write, imagine and dream being calm and peaceful.

  4. Beautiful poem! I don’t sleep either and it end up being my most creative time!

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