Internet Etiquette

woman_at_computer“Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.” ~Neal Stephenson

I’ve never quite understood the draw to argue with strangers online. Twitter is a place notorious for this. Just this week two Fox New anchors got into a heated feud on there over politics.  Even on Facebook you can easily get drawn in to “aggressive discussions” with those you know, I’m guilty for sure. I feel it is because it is easier for people to be more truthful or forceful with opinions when not face- to-face. Perhaps believing that there is less repercussions or it is easier to vocalize in secret.

Whatever the case, I just try to remember, if it isn’t something I would say to someone’s face then I shouldn’t write it either! It’s one thing to have a point of view, and another to be passive aggressive or just straight out belligerent. If you have a personality like mine, at times it’s hard for you to pass up on a good debate, learn to keep it civil. I also have an outgoing personality, spiced with an outspoken disposition. I am constantly having to reign in my tongue (or fingers). Often a test of what is more important, some times I just have to speak my mind and other times I stew inwardly.

No matter the case, remember this- Words are a powerful tool or weapon, they can fix or destroy. I want to use my words for good not evil.

I’d like to read your thoughts on Internet etiquette, please feel free to reply.


Daily Word Prompt: Argument

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10 responses to “Internet Etiquette

  1. I simply agree to you beautiful sweet lovely Soul……. What we cannot say on face we cannot write that…. Thoughts can be more dangerous then the words even.

  2. Right you are.
    We gotta connect but with politeness and constructive criticism.

  3. Most people have opinions. Few people have facts. Most twits think a link to website can be a club to bludgeon you with how stupid you are. But they really haven’t read what that website says, so in the end they are still twits.
    You always have a choice:
    1) School them in facts and keep getting put down? or,
    2) Let them have their playground power for the moment?
    In either case,
    you are fighting by playground rules on the Internet. If you have more friends who “like” your retort, then you are the queen of recess.
    If you like “Fight Club” challenge somebody online.
    HOWEVER, if no one will remember you for the comeback you gave “EyeNoseItAll51” on the NothingButCrap news article page, then you are better off writing something witty and compelling on your own blog space.
    Like you did here!
    Be a candle in the dark.

  4. I am quite thankful that I have very rarely encountered rudeness online. Glad you weathered Matthew, we had no damage at all.

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