When Sleeps The Sun


“Reflecting Sunset Waters” ©SBDMB


“Lit Sunset Waters” ©SBDMB

When Sleeps The Sun

The day has passed
And slowly fades the light
Crisp air blows the trees
And skyward bats take flight

Whispering clouds kiss the sky
Red, golden and royal hues
Owls speak of pending dusk
The stars soon twill be my muse

Ticking of the clock answers silence
Chimes ring out marking day as done
The world keeps turning at a steady pace
As the moon awakes then sleeps the sun

©When Sleeps The Sun by~ (MM) SBDMB

Daily Post Weekly Photo: H2O


Filed under nature-photography, poetry

14 responses to “When Sleeps The Sun

  1. Beautiful photographs and words too

  2. The picture and the verses are a perfect match for each other……truly beautiful!!

  3. Hi. Your words help me to visualize sunset, especially the bats. We have them here and they flit over the water catching insects. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  4. Clock ticks being the only noise was a clever line. Very beautiful poem!
    Pictures are awesome and go very well with poem!

  5. lovely photos. enjoy your weekend.

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