Changing Leaves


©Vermont In Fall by SBDMB (MM)

Changing Leaves

The tree, a picture of strength
It grows older and stronger
With each season it may differ
But the unseen roots remain

Oh, to be like a great maple
Standing against the storm and wind
It may lose its beauty to the winter
But then renewed again in spring

Reaching towards the sun and sky
Tears of dew wet on its face
Blossoming to another new year
Ever mindful that leaves do change

©Changing Leaves by SBDMB (MM)

Sunday Trees: 256


Filed under nature-photography, poetry

11 responses to “Changing Leaves

  1. Beautiful poem to the maple and the autumn leaves…the Green leaves of summer turning to brown. Thank you

  2. Wow! That picture is breathtaking with all those beautiful colors and I love the poem.

  3. Lovely! I’ve always wanted to travel to the New England area to see the fall foliage…. maybe one day.

  4. How beautiful everything ❤

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