Fleeting Snow

Fleeting Snow

Snow falling and crystals form
But you melt my heart with your touch

I cannot remain in your arms my love
Falling into oblivion is my curse

I gave my soul to fly among men
And my beauty is fleeting

One touch and I am water on the floor
Never to flutter to the ground again

©Fleeting Snow by SBDMB (MM)

Weekly Weather Photo Challenge: Snow



©Snow Berries by SBDMB (MM)



Filed under nature-photography, poetry

17 responses to “Fleeting Snow

  1. Beautiful image and words.

  2. Never ever have seen snow….. Oh beautiful Source bless me to once touch and feel snow…. Bless me so that I can jump, dance, walk on snow once……. Grateful to you Universe as I know I trust and I feel someday I will touch, feel snow and keep dancing till I am lost in snow.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pic of snow…. So sweet of You

  4. Beautiful picture I am originally from Maine so I know what that looks like

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