My First

I finally had my first encounter. After spending most of the week preparing, we finally met. He was not at all polite, but quite boisterous and loud when he arrived. Banging on windows, knocking things over and oh my, the water messes! I must admit that the whole thing was rather anticlimactic, if I were to be honest. After spending so much time preparing, it seemed to be a bit faster than I anticipated. The devastation in his wake though, will be felt for months to come. He’s a homewrecker, that Matthew!


Myrtle Beach Business

We made it through our first hurrican with no major issues to our house and only minor fence damage. But, many in the surrounding area were not as blessed. There was major flooding which will continue over the next few days as rivers continue to exceed their banks. Power outages for thousands that will likely last for days. Major fires occured, one which spread to five homes, fortunately no injuries as the homes had been evacuated. However, the spread was due to high winds and the inability of firefighters to easily access the blaze because of flooded roads. At one point the county was warned that there was no 911 rescue available, due to so many impassable areas and dangers to workers.

A curfew took effect from 6pm to 6am last night and will be in effect again this evening. Area schools are also closed for the next week. The Mayor of Myrtle Beach closed all city businesses until further notice, so that clean up can be done uninhibited by excess tourists or residents cluttering the roadways. Unfortunately this will have a major impact of business owners and employees.

There were many trees uprooted, some which ended up on people’s homes, sheds or vehicles. Above ground pools, large trampolines and other such objects, most would not expect to move, were picked up by high winds. A tornado was also spotted touching down in a neighborhood and tore rooves off of houses and trees out of the ground.

See below photos taken by locals and more information on the area.


Hurricane Matthew, Myrtle Beach Area (photo by Local)

A 60 year old pier, the longest pier on the Grand Strand at 1,060 feet, was washed away in the heavy surf. Another pier sustained major damage.


Hurricane Matthew, Myrtle Beach Area (photo by Local)

There are over  55 roads closed or impassable due to downed trees, debris or flooding.


Hurricane Matthew, Myrtle Beach Area (photo by Local)

Daily Prompt: Careful


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23 responses to “My First

  1. I’m glad to hear you didn’t have a lot of damage to your property. Sorry to hear about others though. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Raj Krishna

    thanks for sharing this story from ground zero..keep safe..

  3. Happy to hear you survived Matthew with minor, it was nice to the damage to others . Prayers that all will have the strength to handle the coming days.

  4. geminilvr

    Thank you for sharing with us. Stay safe.

  5. How are you today? I know Matthew has come and gone. I am glad your house was spared. We pray for those who are devastated right now. Hope you and your family are okay.

    • I’m well my friend! Our neighborhood was one of the least effected. Many downed trees but still have power. It will be a week or more before everything is fully running again, but we are well. Thank you for asking and the prayers. 😘

  6. Grateful to Source that not much damage was done and happy to know You all are safe and good…. Take care, be careful….. Be blessed.

  7. Thank you for sharing. Take care and stay safe! Good wishes and thoughts with you.

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