Sisters Monday

Some, urgent news, I probably won’t be as active this week. I had a last minute fantastic surprise when one of my three Sisters called and asked if she could fly down to see me. I am so excited to have her here. She arrived yesterday, coming from chilly northern temps to a nice mild 80 degrees (F). She’s coming to check out the area and considering a move. I’m so thrilled to have her!

She was anxious to see the beach. So we got up and out for the sunrise this morning. We have the week to do lots of fun ‘Sis’ type things. Shopping, tanning and even matching “Sisters” coffee cup tattoos we’ve been wanting to get…yes this is what our week will likely be filled with. We are two peas in a pod and the most alike of all my siblings.

What are you up to? Happy Monday and have a fabulous week! Cheers from the beach.


©Sisters by SBDMB (MM)





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8 responses to “Sisters Monday

  1. You both look so happy. How wonderful!

  2. 🍻 cheers…

    Have fun with sis.. and please enjoy the beach 🌊

  3. Sally Smith

    You two are 2 peas in a pod love mom

  4. Mom Of Two Little Girls

    You are so lucky! Miss my sisters everyday!

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