Beach  — Aspiring Thoughts

I’ve been spending the past few days with my Sis, while she’s in town visiting, at the beach. These inspirational words are perfect to mark thee occasion… enjoy these thoughts via Beach  — Aspiring Thoughts

I’d also like to encourage you to “share” the love and find a piece from a fellow blogger to post to your page!

Relax in the sand,

Get a swell tan.

Make sand castles

Hear the water travel

Shore to shore.

Beach memories anyone? 🌴🏄🏖️ Don’t forget to support my blog! -Aspiring Thoughts 💭💭



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10 responses to “Beach  — Aspiring Thoughts

  1. Once in my life I was blessed to be at beaches….. Made some sand castles with my Soul Mate…… The ocean waves came the Dream castle were over…… The whole Universe send a storm and blew away my Soul Mate from me…… I loved beaches now no more ever going to those beaches which took away my Dream and love……. Sorry you said memories and this is mine….

  2. The photo is stunning. Your words are beautiful . thanks for this beautiful post. I miss the beach now. 🙂

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