Glimmering hues upon the waves
Kissing the beach with color

Rising from depths of slumber
Bathing the morning with light

Whispering sweetly to the sea
Caressing her with his warmth

The Sun in shining glory
Graces us with his presence

©Sunshine by SBDMB (MM)


©Shine by SBDMB (MM)

Is there anything better than the sun rising from out of the ocean? I’m not sure I have seen many splendors as magnificent as these moments. I am blessed to witness the beauty nature bestows in these quiet moments, when darkness is taken over by light.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Shine


Filed under nature-photography, poetry

13 responses to “Sunshine

  1. You are indeed fortunate to live by the sea. Gorgeous photo

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  3. Marvelous written and pic. The sun rising is so beautiful 😍

  4. I have never seen this over the sea either! But I feel like I was there in this photo you took! Breathtaking indeed.

  5. Beautiful words and spectacular gorgeous sunset…Painted by God!!!

  6. Loved your words and the sunset.Keep up!

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