Nature’s Beauty

The Hibiscus is my favorite of all flowers. I enjoyed finding these and photographing them. I hope that you enjoy this wonder of nature’s beauty as much as I do!

©Hibiscus by SBDMB (MM)


Tuesday’s Photo Challenge: Nature’s Beauty


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27 responses to “Nature’s Beauty

  1. I know I do..
    when I was younger.. I used to wear one ☝️ behind my ears 👂🏾 all the time

  2. I have many Hibiscus in my baby garden as well as in a small public park in front of my house! They are so different and so beautiful! And what is important they bloom the whole year round. Best flower ever!

  3. Raj Krishna

    In indian culture hibiscus is offered to Goddess Durga ( Mother Earth, Goddess of matter )

  4. I love them too!
    just looking at them makes me feel nostalgic. In Philippines,the common color is the red one.
    Here in Germany I saw purple ones & pink.
    I used to gather this flower a lot.
    I find them exotic,pure & really delicate.

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  6. We have two red bushes around our house. They bloom until the first frost.

  7. Gorgeous hibiscus photos! Always love them!!

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  9. Such elegant beauty Michelle.

  10. Photos are truly awesome x

  11. Beautiful photographs! I was thinking of buying a hibiscus, but then my husband had the idea to buy six ferns. I don’t mind the ferns, but I will look forward to adding some flowers.

  12. photos are awesome, mind relaxing

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