The Big Reshuffle


SPOILER ALERT TO FOLLOW RE: The Walking Dead Season 7


I’ve held off on writing about The Walking Dead‘s Sunday night, horrific Season 7’s, first episode. I don’t like to spoil things for those who are catching up via their DVR. Or perhaps you are just starting to get into the show by binge watching on Netflix. Either way, I recommend not reading further if you are not caught up.

Okay, so what the HECK!? I am devastated! I know, I know, it’s just a show, but I am just so frustrated by this opening to the season! I had high hopes that the writers would deviate from Glenn’s death coming by the hand of (or should I say bat of) Negan, as it did in the graphic novels. I would say, out of the seven seasons it was the most gory and disgusting that they have gotten.

While I expected that they would kill a character, I admit I was a bit relieved when Negan began with Abraham. They were certainly not getting out of this situation with no loss of life. But, the choice to follow this with Glenn was like pouring salt on the wound. Season 6 had already put fans through the ringer, teasing us with Glenn’s death once- only to bring him back unscathed. And not only did they kill him for real this time, but in such a undignified way.

I feel the show is definitely playing dirty and no bars hold this is going to be a upheaval and reshuffle of a season. And while Daryl is still my all time fave, I feel he will be a mess after being the reason that Glenn is killed. I am hoping that Carol gets her butt back with Morgan, perhaps with some of this new group in tow. Maggie is a rock-star, seeing her man and the father of her child brutally killed in front of her, stands up and tells Rick they need to take Negan and his group down. Go mama!

Finally, I hope the writers get off this revolving door we’ve been on. Finding safety, only to have it ripped away once again. While I remain a huge fan, since we all began this wild journey, I feel like we are caught in a flight pattern that is waiting to land. Yes, the walkers are more disgusting and the cast members worse for wear, but we seem to be stuck. Rick and the crew are strong, no question. However, they seem to be making poor decisions consistently, which I’m yelling at my television, about frequently! Man I hope they start hearing me!

Are you a die hard The Walking Dead fan?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or feelings in the comments!

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6 responses to “The Big Reshuffle

  1. The walking dead is one of my the most favorite TV series along with The Vikings and the Games of Throne. I feel the same, I am fully agree with your way of thinking but it seems the producers made it obvious that at one point Glenn has to disappear just the way they choose was too humiliating and offensive. Glenn is a hero and was supposed to die in a more heroic way ! Looking forward to understand why they did so!

  2. I haven’t watched this since about season 4, it got a bit same same for me. If there is nothing else on I’ll watch it but I wont break my neck to see it. Having said that it was hyped quiet well this week. I’m not even sure if the usual channel that screens it here in Australia has started showing it but nearly every other show is talking about it.

  3. As tear-jerking and nerd raging as the episode was, it was for shadowed as we knew in the comics what was to happen. Albeit we also hoped the writers would lean towards a little different path. Your comments about their decisions, or lack thereof, is spot on. Sadly I only watch the episodes on and off, trying to catch up when I can because I can’t deal with the asinine decisions some characters make – I’m a very logical thinker so character decisions affect me more than the acting itself as decisions also affect storyline outcomes. I’m also seriously NOT a guts and gore fanatic even though I cosplay, but I childishly squeal and cover my eyes during those scenes and my teens laugh. Even the video games have me enticed but as a video gamer, Zombies have always been a weakness for me too (yep I can kill skeletons but I run from zombies). And I know people say “its only a show” but its a story too, that’s what enthralls us. When I play video games, the story grabs me as well. I cried when Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard died because I was playing that character and emotionally making character game decisions for 4 years and when the writers finally closed the story and ended the game, I literally cried, so I completely understand your emotional attachment in Ep. 7 In the long run, I hope the writers can win fans hearts back by giving the group a little more power.

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