I love this idea! If y’all would like to follow me on Twitter (as I’ve yet to get into other social media) you can do so “Southern By Design” @MacInBlonde


I’m basically asking who else is on any social network 😅 so we can all connect with one another.

Like the topic says, let’s get social. Let’s get to know each other better so we can communicate freely because obviously, we can’t meet each other and, we can’t have a real conversation on our post; especially when trying to explain something to someone. So, if you have an Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, FB, Tumblr, or any other account, leave your username in the comment section so we can check eachother out. You don’t have to follow everyone if you don’t want to; but you should try 😌.

You can follow me oninstagram. Idon’t really care about Twitter but we can chat there as well. So you can also follow me onTwitter. If there’s one social network I don’t care about, it’s FB😂 but people…

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5 responses to “LET’S GET SOCIAL: WHO’S IN?

  1. Hey Michelle, This is definitely a good idea to extend yourself out there. The more places you make yourself available, the easier it is for people to find you. I followed you on Twitter. My Twitter name is @wigsai, you can also see all the other places I am on at my contact page here http://wp.me/P5tzt1-fb. Have a great day🙂 Joe

  2. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. My twitter name is @jpeters6248, instagram is @redwritinghood707, and tumblr is itsredwrtinghood. Let’s get social!

  3. Hey Michelle this is Payal
    I love to get connect with people .You can search me on twitter by @PalliTyagi on twitter , as I already started following you ,so we can chat there through messages there and also my instagram i’d is picslover_im.So let’s get connected.

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