Take It All In

This is the time of year that I adore. The temperatures have become mild and I can enjoy the outdoors without wilting. Don’t get me wrong, summer is my favorite for many reasons, but I really like the fall here in the South. Although I miss the autumn colors of the northern trees, I would much rather have these amazing temperatures.

Many birds return to the South now that up north is getting chilly. One in particular that is my favorite, the Swan. In town there is this lovely pond, a favorite spot to ducks, geese and swans. Pairs can be seen side-by-side, fishing with tail feathers up or just floating along. I was out this week and got a few captures. I hope you enjoy taking it all in as much as I did.


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


Daily Prompt: Relish


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17 responses to “Take It All In

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Beauty of nature in each one of them.

  2. I lived in the South for many years, but now I am back home up in Massachusetts. The chill is fast moving in and I am jealous of the sunny 70 degrees in Atlanta today! 🙂 Beautiful photos! I miss the South…

    • Thank you! Yes, I don’t know how I would do it if we had to move back to New England. We made our way to SC from VT just over a year ago. I am originally from MA though 😉

      • Yah. It’s a challenge! I’ve been back for 6 years. At some point, I just accepted the fact that winter is happening regardless of what I want. That has really helped. That, and I bought a VERY warm coat! lol

  3. So much serenity, I read for hours here.

  4. Amy

    How enjoyable to be there. Beautiful blue sky and water… Love the swan captures!

  5. I used to live in a cottage overlooking a lake with swans. I miss watching them.

  6. This looks so lovely and warm! We are having the first snows and road closures :o)

  7. Wonderful photos. The colors are just gorgeous. Swans are such beautiful animals, aren’t they?

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