Life In Song

My life is a soundtrack filled with an eclectic mixture. My playlists hold songs from- Pink, One Republic, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Adele and many more. This does not even cover the 80’s, 90’s and oh, the Christian rock groups that I enjoy! I just went to see Switchfoot, live, last week.


Music is truly the background noise of my life. Songs have helped me through many times of depression and struggles. And really, I wasn’t sure that I could pick just one tune that has meaning for me. However, I will share a song that has many memories for me, although bitter sweet, from my childhood. Not one from a mixed tape, recorded in secret off the radio (yes children of the 80’s & 90’s era, you know what I’m talking about). No, this was sung along with a piano, in the pews of church on Sunday mornings.

I have shared in the past that I grew up in a faith based home, my father was a minister for many years. I was raised under very strict and highly conservative rules. From not being allowed to go to the movies or proms, and most definitely no “secular” music. (No, I didn’t know Kevin Bacon or Foot Loose.) I grew up listening to many hymns sung by Sandy Patty and Christy Lane. I chuckle now, but then, I really knew no different.

The song that has many memories for me is “The Old Rugged Cross” George Bennard, 1913. When I was young, my dad would play his guitar and we would sing it together at church in front of everyone. I always thought I was special getting to sing up in front of a crowd. (Simon Cowell eat your heart out!) Later, I would sing it with my sister for my Mother-in-Law’s funeral, as it was also one of her favorite songs. The lyrics hold a message of hope, even in sadness, for those of the Christian faith. And, although I haven’t sung a hymn in quite some time, it always amazes me that the words are not forgotten. They are buried deep in my soul, and are a part of who I am.

Brad Paisley does a great job singing, The Old Rugged Cross, if you would like to listen.


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5 responses to “Life In Song

  1. Can’t say I’ve heard the original but I have heard Alan Jackson and Brad Paisley versions.

    I have trouble going past Brad because I don’t think the guy has released a bad song.

  2. Scorpions Bryan Adams backstreet boys. Carpenters abba list goes on me loves music too

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