Couch Potato?


The last few days I will admit I have been down right lazy. Perhaps it is the change in time that has thrown me off, or the shorter days beginning to effect my depression. Or maybe the elections wore me out! Whatever it is, I just have no energy. I am feeling very much in a vegetative state. This got me to thinking, am I turning into some sort of couch potato? I do love the comfort of the couch, but I’m not doing too much television watching, a bit of eating though. Hmm…

couchSo, why is the term “potato” always used so negatively? Like “couch potato” or “he looks like a potato”! What the heck have potatoes ever done to you? Potatoes are the MVPS of the food world, the backbone of many dishes. (I’ve never met a french fry I didn’t like!) They won’t ever let you down. You know who is the real winner here, the potato- and we should feel honored to be described as one!


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6 responses to “Couch Potato?

  1. Sørk

    Would saying you had a “chip” on your shoulder be in poor “taste”? (Sorry, my dry humor does that when I haven’t had all my coffee.)

  2. That is hilarious! 🙂 Among four major carb-staple foods Corn, Rice, Wheat, and Potatoes, the last one is consumed the most in the entire world. I definitely agree, there should not be any negative feeling associated with potatoes. 🙂

  3. Potato is not a negative word around here. Every day I peel spuds I tell the kids that we don’t have to make much because mum doesn’t like spuds and that starts a 30 minute game of “mum doesn’t like mashed potato…she loves it.” It’s amazing how kids never get sick of repeating the same thing over and over. Secretly mum likes the game too but she wont admit it, especially after half an hour 🙂

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