Gonna Be A Scorcher

Gonna Be A Scorcher

Full of longing
My heart yearns
Heat so intense
That look burns

Quiet but strong
Far from placid
At first caressing
Then turns acid

Face in towel
Toes in sand
Kiss my skin
Warm my hand

You’re my drug
Need a fix
Make me happy
No more tricks

Worth the wait
Light my torch
Some like it hot
I want to scorch

Sweat from pours
Quench my thirst
Want for more
Summer comes first

Better wear sunblock
©Gonna Be A Scorcher

-by SBDMB (MM)




Filed under Beach Life, poetry

6 responses to “Gonna Be A Scorcher

  1. Nice 🙂 Sounds like you want to be here today, although we haven’t reached summer yet today is suppose to nudge 40, was already 27 when I took Miss 8 to school at 8:15

    • Well we had 80F yesterday so I shouldn’t complain. But we will be in winter soon. I just love the heat! Thus the reason we moved South. Up where we were is getting snow tonight 😛 I enjoy posting convertible photos (yesterday) while they are gearing up for cold. I’m mean like that!

      • I think 37c is about 100f (if my non existent medical training serves me correct) . I don’t mind the warmth and 25-35 is bearable for a few days but every summer we get weeks of 40+ which get really tiresome. Still could be worse where my in-laws are they pretty much hover in the low 30’s to mid 40s every day from October to March. Friends of mine own a hotel in Darwin and despite it being stinking hot up there over summer it’s their wet season so they get 40+ and large amounts of rain. I couldn’t handle that.

      • So we sit at about 35c to 40c all summer (June to September) and winter (December to Feb) about 10-15C . So yes we get intense, but not quite as high as y’all. Central air is a beautiful thing. 😉

      • Around here our we are now getting up to about 10 days of 40-45 between October and April but average high 20’s to mid 30’s. In winter we get snow about 40ks away but never here and our temps probably hover between 10-20, nights will go below 0 though. We really don’t have 4 seasons here any more despite what science says.

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