Love That Salty Air

“She loves the serene brutality of the ocean, loves the electric power she felt with each breath of wet, briny air.” ~Holly Black

This past week Hubby and I got out to enjoy some of the last of the warmer weather. The temperatures were spoiling us for mid-November, ranging from 70° to 80° (20° to 30° C). Multiple outings included strolls at various locations and rides in the convertible. A late afternoon walk on the beach was one of our adventures.

This time of day finds the tides out. Before you even see this to be the case, you can smell [it]. There is an aromatic pungency to the wind. I would describe this as a mixture of dead fish, sea weed and salt water. It hits you at first, but the constant breeze quickly whisks it away. Besides, once you see the view, walk in the sand and hear the water- your other senses take over completely. Caught up in the beauty, the smell seeps into you and just seems to belong. I suppose it is just all part of the beach-life experience.

Here are some photos I thought I’d share from our escapade. With the tide out, it makes for a great opportunity to capture beautiful reflections in the wet sand. I forgot to bring my good camera, so the iPhone had to do. Enjoy!












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20 responses to “Love That Salty Air

  1. The iphone does a pretty good job of capturing the mood

  2. The light in those photos is just lovely.

  3. Do you know the only thing that can make the smell of dead fish, sea weed and salt water better? Seals. We occasionally get visited by big dopey seals when we are fishing and they positively reek, even a tornado like wind couldn’t get rid of their stink.

  4. I thought it was warm here in Toronto last week. I’m jealous of the gorgeous weather1 Beautiful photos as well. Thanks for sharing!

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