When It Comes To Family


Thanksgiving for our family has gone through stages over the years. Through much of our 18 years married we hosted family at our home for thee occasion. From the turkey and all the trimmings, to many dishes, cooking was done most of the day.


As family made their way to our place I was cleaning like a mad woman, corralling children and preparing my mind for the chaos that was about to stroll in. (Well more like a wrecking ball!) Yes, that is what Thanksgiving had meant to me…family. And really, isn’t that what the holidays are all about, getting together with your crazy extended family?


Now, we are in a different stage of life. Having moved south, away from all our family, it is just the four of us. I have to say, the memories are bittersweet. A few members are not with us anymore and the rest of us are spread out across the country. Although, I do find it nice to still be in my pajamas late into the morning, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade I do have moments of missing the chaos and all the mayhem that came with it. But, I will be off to the beach later, as it is in the almost going to reach 80°F today, so I don’t miss it too much!

We are blessed and have much to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, from my family to yours.





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26 responses to “When It Comes To Family

  1. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. So from selfies you’ve gone to taking pictures of my family. The picture from Charlie Brown fits my family really well. Everyone is drawn on, no one speaks up and everyone has something eating at them. Even when they do move it’s like an animation.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful time, and like you said, you get to enjoy the warm weather! If I could give a bonus like for the use of the Charlie Brown photo, I would.

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