There’s Always Tomorrow

In vivid tones it speaks to me
Whispers that all will be well
I find peace and sweet escape
Saving me from a vagrant Hell

Eternity lies in iridescent hues
Immortality paves my way
Emotions fade like colors
From brilliant to pure grey

Memories transcend reason
Reality and fantasy entwine
Dreams dance with horrors
Waltzing in perfect rhyme

I can’t escape the darkness
This moment is so drear
Numb to all my passions
I’ve lost myself to fear

The hold that takes me over
Is strong and it’s demanding
But a new day approaches
And light is so commanding

Safe to start things over
Forever here I’ll stay
Safe to try to live again
There’s always another day

©There’s Always Tomorrow by SBDMB (MM)


©Deep Hues by SBDMB (MM)


©Into Darkness by SBDMB (MM)



Filed under nature-photography, poetry

15 responses to “There’s Always Tomorrow

  1. A fine poetry. The fantastic imagery you created here. Wonderful read.

  2. The beautiful verses and pics complement each other in perfect tandem!

  3. Beautiful poetry. Truly, there’s always another day.

  4. It’s so true – safe to start over, safe to live again because we know who holds tomorrow! Nice poem, Michelle!

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