Handle With Care

Her heart was so fragile
Given with such care
And little did he know
It was so much to bear

He held it with caution
Not wanting to break
Caressed it and whispered
“Won’t let anyone take”

But once he forgot
He left it unguarded
Open to heartbreak
Soon became parted

The light became faded
Turning heart to stone
He learned the hard way
Never leave her alone

©Handle With Care by SBDMB (MM)



Filed under Life Lessons, Love of..., poetry

6 responses to “Handle With Care

  1. geminilvr

    love this Michelle

  2. Nice😃 I kind of rapped it in my mind while I was reading it. This would make a great song.

  3. I love the rhythm and the message. A heart of stone is hard to melt. We are better off keeping it fresh and keeping it “fleshy”. Beautiful!

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