In Better Places

In Better Places

When life got hard you came to me
Lent me your heart until mine healed

Rescued my mind from dark places
Poured in pure light to every corner

Weighted down by a deep despair
Strength is your gift and chains fall

My eyes only see pain in this world
You remove my blinders to beauty

Tears left deep impressions on my face
Gentle kisses, you filled in my scares

Time is my enemy, taking everything
All you do is give and give me more

Such negative voices call to my spirit
Passionately quieted with your song

Emotions have no place in my being
You reached to my depths with love

The warmth of your skin touches
Breathing new life into my lungs

I cherish you the most in this life
Our love will resound through ages©


“Now I’m alright because, it’s a better place since you came along.”
Inspired by the song “Better Place” by Rachel Platten


In Better Places© by SBDMB (MM)


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10 responses to “In Better Places

  1. This poem resonates with love and a grateful feeling from a soul that cherishes the blessings of life. Lovely write!

  2. I love this poem!! There’s a feel good aura about it 🙂

  3. geminilvr

    you knocked it out of the park with this poem Michelle – I wish there was a love button

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  5. I absolutely love this poem. I will come back and read it often.

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