Fear Anchors

Fear Anchors

Anchor that held me
Has left the sea floor
Not sure where it went
Isn’t there any more

Swaying and bobbing
The ocean has taken
I look to the captain
But he has forsaken

Swept with the tides
No harbor in sight
Just miss the rocks
Lost to great fright

Then I remembered
Was of my own choice
I must let it all go
Have my own voice

Taking the controls
My vessel, my own
Direction of choosing
Even though all alone

No longer I’m pulled
No longer you steer
No longer I’m anchored
No longer I’ll fear

Β©Fear Anchors by SBDMB (MM)


Image by Pixaby



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14 responses to “Fear Anchors

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I’m trying to come up with more than just beautiful as a comment πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  2. Fear is an anchor that keeps us from leaving port. Great post.

  3. Such beautiful choice of words! ❀

  4. Fear keeps us holding to the past and in return we get more suffering.
    Fear is our own built thing to which we tend to give more importance.
    Things people change and will always change so holding to anything anyone will never help us to receive happiness

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