Do you promise that you will never leave me?
I mean, do you really know what that means?

Forever is very long and so much can happen
We could forget what our desires feels like
We could forget what it means to really love
Forgetting we should put each other first

Do you promise that you will hold me always?
I mean, will you hold tight, never letting go?

Always is very long and so much can happen
We could lose the affections for each other
We could lose sight of thee important things
Forgetting to hold tight in sweet embraces

Do you promise that you can ever be loving?
I mean, love even when I’m not always kind?

Forever is very long and so much can happen
We could forget that love is an action word
We could neglect how these emotions feel
Forgetting that love is truly unconditional

Do you promise that you will always forgive?
I mean, even when I have hurt you to the core?

Always if very long and so much can happen
We could harden our hearts to one another
We could become bitter, a great chasm form
Forgetting that forgiveness is for both of us

Promise me that no matter what happens in life
We will always find the way back to each other
Keep our lights on and burning hot with passion
Beacons back to one another’s hearts and souls

Promise© by SBDMB (MM


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13 responses to “Promise

  1. Beautifully written! :’) ❤

  2. Forever,” “ever after,” “infinity” and all the likes — they have been the language we used in our vows when we felt the strong rush of emotions within us. The words we often say, so often that we never notice that the meaning has begun to be nullified. Until all of it will be just like smoke from a just-lit cigarette — nothing significant but a plain, hot air coming from one’s mouth.

  3. The manmade forever, what we think forever is — has an expiration date, and can be gone even in the most intense moments of our lives. Some I am not sure maybe 99% of we people don’t even know what love is so how can they even know what *forever yours* means…

  4. I read the replies and am sad. The lost hope of LOVE!
    I was having the same lost hope.
    Your word renew my mind.
    To stand firm that God knows best and has given me the precious Gift of my wife, know matter how she has hurt me.
    We all are human make mistakes, but the bigger Roll is to forgive.
    Thank you for your words today.

  5. After more than 50 years of marriage, I think marriage is about forgiveness. Which is, I think, part of what you mean by ‘finding our way back to each other.’ We marry a person who can help us learn to accept and forgive ourselves and to accept and forgive him/her. We’re human, and not every marriage works out or can work out. It still takes two to tango. Not the curriculum I thought Marriage 101 would cover! 🙂

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  7. The easiest part of “forever” is the “promise”. Everything else is a career. This is very passionate and alluring! Great work!!

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