Life’s Ladder

“No matter how great you ‘think’ you are or how successful you’ve become. Never forget those who have lifted you up. Never forget life’s experiences, both good and bad which have shaped you as a person. You’ve had help climbing the rungs of life’s ladder. And, those rungs can break at anytime, sending you back down to a place of humility, to remind you of where you came from and how you rose to the top….” ~James A. Murphy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Chutes & Ladders

Photos from a recent trip to the Battleship, North Carolina in Willmington, NC ~MM



Filed under nature-photography

7 responses to “Life’s Ladder

  1. Be grateful to each and every one…. The more full of gratitude we are the journey becomes more beautiful and we are blessed with abundance.

  2. Oh your ladders are wonderful for this week’s theme. 😀 😀

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