Not So Merry And Bright


I can hardly believe that Christmas is only a week from today! I have had a really hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. I am just not quite feeling [it]. I’m sure a bit of this has to do with the fact that the holidays in general tend to hold a bit of depression for me. But this year my hubby said something that made sense. He told me that our “Honeymoon” period of our big move is passed. Last year we were still riding the high of having moved South. We hadn’t even been in SC for six months yet when Christmas came around.

This year I am just not feeling the desires of the celebration. I miss family and I may even miss the snow…for like five minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach and our new home. Cannot beat the lack of cold weather and even a few great friendships that have flourished. But, all these cannot compare to family and traditions that are no longer present for me.

Even the kids can feel this vibe, I’m certainly giving off. I must admit, I’ve been a bit moody! I watch Christmas movies (as is one of our traditions) with bated breath. Not because I’m thinking, “OH WOW” but “OH Gawd”! And I cannot listen to the Christmas music, it’s like nails on a chalk board! Aach, I am feeling like I’m losing my mind! I’m sure y’all have been picking up on this vibe of late too, I do apologize. I also appreciate those who’ve checked in with encouragement and support!

So, this week the kids have a couple of days of school then we are off for holidays. We will do a touch of baking, as is our tradition. Also, we do have hubby’s dad, my FIL, coming mid-week. The kids are excited for this; all I see is having to clean the house and attempting cheeriness. So, more work for me, yay! I just finished the family Christmas cards. I still have ALL my wrapping to do and shipping of long distance gifts. Whew, just seeing this all written out makes me want to climb under a rock until after the New Year. HELP, bring liquor NOW!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends!  -Mac xx


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21 responses to “Not So Merry And Bright

  1. Best of luck for the hold, Michelle. It isn’t always easy.

    Enjoy what you can, hey?



  2. geminilvr

    In my early twenties I moved from NJ to Miami (I’ve been back in Jersey for a long time since) it was hard spending Christmas away from my family. It didn’t feel the same. It’s completely understandable what you are feeling. Change is good but it’s not always easy. Sending you hugs and good wishes for the holidays.

  3. Christmas can be very challenging and exhausting. I hope you get your Christmas mojo back …😇😇😇

  4. Merry Christmas and blessings for a wonderful New Year, 2017! Take care!

  5. I’m not one for Christmas at the best of times. I understand where you are, and totally agree. I tend to avoid Christmas movies and listen only to ‘unorthodox’ Christmas songs.

    Try this one:

  6. Maybe time to add a new tradition? Something reflecting your new home and life? I found it helpful many years ago. My traditions today are much more in sync with who I am, with a small nod to who I was.

    Merry Christmas, Mac. May it be joyous and lead to a much-blessed New Year! 😉 xoM

  7. I’m sorry your moodiness has settled in right at the peak of the season, but that’s so often how it goes. I’m wishing you much brighter and many merrier days ahead.
    I really like the idea above to start a new tradition. That sounds like a good plan 🙂

  8. I understand the moody thing. It’s gonna be fine though…merry Christmas in advance to you too😎😎

  9. It seems this year a lot of people I’ve talked to are just not feeling in the spirit this year. I like your liquor idea! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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