A Way Of Life

In response to today’s Daily Post: Relax (which by the way is a repeat).
So, maybe they just wanted us to take it easy and relax today. In either case, this is what I did, no new writing for me this Monday…I’m chilling.


Southern By Design

The beach is my confidant and my heart. It is where I go when I need sweet solace from the troubles of the world. To go and relax, breath in the sea breeze, listen to the lull of the waves, cry of the gulls and be one with nature. My soul yearns for it, desires it, really. To be at the sea, this is a way of life.© ~Mac 

img_7220 ©SBDMB (MM)

img_7233 ©SBDMB (MM)

img_7242 ©SBDMB (MM)

img_7246 ©SBDMB (MM)

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8 responses to “A Way Of Life

  1. We in ourselves are a masterpiece.. We taking a breath is the best gift we provide and if with a smile then we are already serving….
    So relax and hey put on warm clothes and socks….. Enjoy the weather but don’t let it get you sick or catch cold.

  2. Oh, wow! How I envy you, having such beauty on your doorstep.

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