I have SO much to get done, to finish up before Christmas. I have done NONE of my wrapping yet, ugh! I have zero motivation, but with a relative visiting for the next five days and arriving tomorrow, I have got to get things done. So, please excuse my lack of enthusiasm and my high levels of procrastination. I am trying to just get through the holidays without losing my mind! ~MacΒ 



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29 responses to “Lacking

  1. You got this. Hang in there!

  2. Hugs….

    Do you know dear the passionate and best people, the one who is creative and talented do their work just before time and all the time which seemed they are not motivated is the time when their creativeness was working in them.
    So are you, because you are a wonderful talent in yourself you are going to even amaze the guest with unique beauty in wrapping goods.
    I believe in you my friend M

  3. geminilvr

    i’m with you on this

  4. thecoffeemom0617

    We haven’t wrapped yet either! Everything is still in boxes that they shipped to me in!

  5. When you get done procrastinating over there you can come over and wrap presents and decorate here 😦

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