She Said, He Said


She Said, He Said

She adores the way that he smiles
Wishing that he would never stop
She admires his soft, gentle eyes
With them he holds such mysteries

He is drawn to the way she laughs
Could listen to her do it into forever
He wants only to feel her gentle touch
Skin that longs to feel a single caress

She is fascinated with his great voice
But yet, after awhile she doesn’t hear it
She is pulled harder by his tender love
His heart shows his true compassion

He longs to put his hands through hair
Soft locks that look kissed by heaven
He could drown in her large b…eyes 😉
He looks there to see her soul’s window

She desires his attention, one that adores
Hoping he knows she needs assurances
She sees all his potential, believes in him
Wants only to free him from his own chains

He desires her attention, one that adores
Hoping she knows he needs assurances
He sees all her potential, believes in her
Wants only to free her from her own chains

©She Said, He Said by SBDMB (MM)


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2 responses to “She Said, He Said

  1. Very nice , love is amazing ❤
    I like it 👍

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