Fair Well Princess

May The Force Forever Be With Her…


“-somewhere I’ll forever be 24…& Enslaved & PISSED!” ~ Carrie Fisher

Maybe I’m just nostalgic or maybe it’s because Princess Leia was my first woman hero. God, she was strong, played tough, kept up with the boys or surpassed them; yet was beautiful, sensual and got her man. She was an amazing package, and of course her body helped her in this area, with those who think such things. I for one thought she was amazing even in her returning roll, being in her late 50’s still mustering the spunk and beauty the exudes Princess Leia.

carrie-fisher-harrison-ford-star-wars-inline-today-161116_557a21dd16cb6136225a7e952c91fdac-today-inline-largeImages of the 80’s play in my mind. And, as I’ve shared with my kids with excitement. I am sure it will continue to be passed on. It’s a classic, timeless. Here we are over 35 years later and the franchise is going strong! Movies still being made and new generations getting excited over the same characters that I did at that age.

I am in utter shock, along with the rest of the world, that Carrie Fisher has left us so young. She had so much left to give us. I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset over the loss of an actor (at least not since Paul Walker died, but that is for another day). Don’t get me wrong, I love television, movies and pop culture. But, we can’t really know these people we bring into our homes. But, I do feel this one though, as I’m sure is the case for many. And I’m also sure as I get older and more of the classics start to fade, I again will find myself transported to a galaxy far, far away…© ~SBD



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2 responses to “Fair Well Princess

  1. cynthiahm

    Nice tribute. She will be missed 😦

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