Good Enough


Don’t ever believe that you can’t be loved
That you are not full of passion and ability
You are perfection to me, sent from above

When skies were grey you came with a light
Showed me a life with sunshine and praise
Each moment of each day a bit more bright

You are an over comer, greatness deep within
There are many facets to you worth sharing
One must only learn where to look and begin

We all have moments where we self-doubt
Take apart our character with harsh critique
Allow voices in our head to take over, shout

Demon and angel fight within us to control
Our mind is split in two and we must choose
I choose you love, because you are my soul

~A chat with myself
Good EnoughΒ© by SBD(MM)



Filed under Depression, Life Lessons

16 responses to “Good Enough

  1. Words we can always say of others, and never of ourselves. ❀

  2. You are loveable
    Your flaws are perfect
    We can’t help but hear
    The voices that clamor within
    So we rewrite the lyrics of
    What our mind says
    No matter what
    Even whenever it be
    That the feelings fluctuate
    Just remember
    You are loveable
    Your flaws are good enough

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