Hope Isn’t Lost


I look into your face, see the love that you clearly have for me
Passionate, full of caring, concern and need are it’s bedfellows
You wish to nurture me, hold me down, ravish me with desires
But I am lost to you and I cannot be recovered in this lifetime

Pillaged and empty, my insides have dried up into a wasteland
No longer able to feel your warmth or taste the kindness there
Blowing unencumbered, like tumbleweeds on the arid planes
Searching for a destination yet always I long to know freedom

You ask if there was a time that I truly cared for you my love
I can tell you that I recall it’s face when I look into the sunrise
And when I listen to the sound of music dancing on the wind
But my heart can no longer feel the affection of days gone by

Life has jaded me and I am worn down by cares of this world
If you were to look into my soul you would see only a vacancy
I have become a shell of the man you once knew and adored
The fire is fading from your blue eyes, as slowly I siphon hope

Keep the fires burning, don’t let hope fade, your beacon falter
Returning to you like a boomerang does to the thrower’s hand
Like the way that a musician returns to the stage for last cheers
Everything and nothing, all is possible and yet utterly impossible

Hope Holds© by SBD (MM)


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2 responses to “Hope Isn’t Lost

  1. I liked it because it’s so beautifully written. But the words make me feel sad. 😦

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