Resolve This

“The aftertaste of New Year’s Eve parties wears on me for the same reason I am not much for resolutions. Dusting off a stepper because we switched out our calendar is pointless. After all, society also conditions that most will whiff their resolutions by January 3rd, at which point one is to abandon the resolutions utterly and feel guilty as one devours a box of Christmas chocolates.”~Thomm Quackenbush, A Creature Was Stirring


Well, here we are, the New Year! And what is the first thing that many people are asking me about or worse, sharing (which I could really care less about)? Their New Years resolution! UGH!

Stop! I do not care what you have resolved to do! No, really, I hate the cliche’ “New Year’s Resolution”! You may be reading this right now and asking, “Why?” or “Aren’t you hoping to have a good, accomplished year, with goals?” Well, yes, of course. But, how that is accomplished has NOTHING to do with the New Year.

I do not need the mark of a new year, a new month, a new week or even a new day to decide that I am going to change. Now, why this has become the norm; well, we seem as a society to enjoy marking life changes with fantastic “Pomp and Circumstance.” But, so often, as the quote above implies, these resolutions are short lived.

If you want to really make changes, set goals and accomplish great things (or even mediocre) then just resolve to not make a New Year’s resolution. Instead, dig deep, work hard, set goals and do your best to stick with them. But, if something happens, it is okay. Failure, mistakes, and loss of perspective are all normal. For many though, these will be the things that make them give up on their resolution as fast as they made it!

But, realize this, here and now, a resolution does not make or break your success in this 2017 year! Yes, I just said that! Go on now, why don’t you say it too? Happy New Year!




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12 responses to “Resolve This

  1. My sentiments exactly!! 😀

  2. geminilvr

    Happy New Year my friend. I do not believe in resolutions. I only resolve to stay true to myself 🙂

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