Caged Up

Talk about a wild animal. No one has ever seen someone that is about to loose their $**t like me, sick as death warmed over, and unable to leave the confines of my house! For. A. WEEK! Thank God for my family and friends of the online sort, all keeping my sane. And of course, WordPress for being my outlet to the world going on without me. Stuck inside!

I had already about poo-pooed the idea of the holidays this year anyway. So, what was one more thing like being on death’s door to add to the mix!? I mean really, having company from out of town, who doesn’t want to be greeted by a snot nosed, lung hacking, puffy eyed…beauty? Oh my! Yeah, I made the holidays all kinds of magical for everyone who got to hear my chain saw voice and seal barks.

And, as sharing is caring. I now have two sick teenagers. Those who were suppose to return to lessons today, but instead are now sick on the couch. Pray for me people, if you care about me at all…hubby has yet to show signs, but…




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9 responses to “Caged Up

  1. Me too! Since 30th. It feels horrible. Get well soon🍵

  2. 🙏 oh, I’m guessing you were looking forward to relaxing at home … not this pain. Wishing you lots of nurture and a speedy return to wellbeing!

  3. Hope you feel better, and the teenagers too. Wishing you all speedy recovery!

  4. brooklyn37

    J’aime beaucoup ton blog et ses articles !

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