The Great Divide



Hardships will divide
But we must learn
To never go hide
Time is too precious

This divide is so great
Find a way of coping
Journey isn’t straight
Can you survive?

Resolve is within you
Please don’t give up
Making it through
Damn life is tough!

Showing such peace
Lay side to self
Give you release
Find your way home

I call to the breeze
One final breath
Now on with ease
Crossing over, you go…

©The Great Divide by Mac


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12 responses to “The Great Divide

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  2. brooklyn37

    C’est vraiment très beau !
    Un petit bonjour de France

  3. brooklyn37

    Tu es aussi jolie que Patricia Arquette, Waouh c’est Bluffant !
    Hi, my name is Tony from France

  4. Lovely and great writing. My friend you have depth of words.

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