Your Love

Your love is unconditional, no matter how I feel

If I need some attention, you come and help me heel

When life gets all distorted, and things get rough

Your love shines a light, makes me feel I’m enough

Days get dark and dreary, emotions come to stay

Willow my little angel, you help brighten up my dayΒ©

by Mac


WillowΒ© by SBDMB (MM)

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Animals



Filed under Love of..., nature-photography, poetry

22 responses to “Your Love

  1. Aww, so cute πŸ™‚
    I bet she gets annoying at times as well, though.

  2. I loved your poem. Truly simple and beautiful

  3. Hullo, Willow! What a cutie you are!

  4. geminilvr

    Our pets love us no matter what xoxo

  5. Totally relate to this – my best friend is about my wee man – and best friend 2 is about him too ❀❀

  6. Aww, she’s adorable! 😍 Love the name too. πŸ™‚

  7. This is so sweet.. ❀

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