I Am


Tucked away from the view of the world

I am 

Locked out of sight of those that do judge

I am

Riddled with contempt of other’s strength

I am

Hiding my face and refusing to let anyone see 

I am

Afraid to breathe lest I divulge my hiding place

I am

Breaking people in two and families asunder

I am

Ensnared by the turmoil that eats away inside

I am 

Fallen from the light into the darkest of times

I am

My name spoken on the lips of the persecuted

I am… Depression©

by Mac


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7 responses to “I Am

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  2. I like it, but it’s bleak.

  3. I thought you were Trump.

  4. ‘Ensnared by the turmoil that eats away insides’, — it reflects the feelings so well.
    I like your poetry a lot and have nominated your blog for the Bloggers Recognition Award. Please find the link at:

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