Life’s Connections


by picjumbo

I’d like to say that life has been simple, but this is very far from true

When I think of this path I’ve been on, things I’ve had to do

I find myself confused at times and uncertain of what the future holds

That’s the way the cookie crumbles or how my journey molds

People will often disappoint me, hey I will disappoint many people too

In fact I’ll hurt and tear apart some, it may even be one of you

And if you happen upon my heart, please tell me where it can be found

Somewhere along the way was lost, think I left it on the ground

I’ll grieve many losses and wish at times I hadn’t made a friend or two

But things would be much lonelier so I change my point of view

I will take the heartache and sorrow because I have also found affections

And be grateful for my journey and times I’ve made connections©

by Mac








Filed under Life Lessons, poetry

3 responses to “Life’s Connections

  1. I really like this a lot. It feels so transparent and passionate. It was delightful reading this.

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