No Filter

I have no filter on my mouth, this gets me in some trouble

If you can think of what I’d say if kids aren’t on the double

And never mind my rage in traffic the horn is always blowing

Suppose it’s better than yelling expletives or a finger showing

My preference for a good friend is, please just say how you feel

Certainly that is what you’ll get from me, I believe in being real

When it comes to bad behavior or people that are plain stupid

Well let me tell you I’ve confronted many bullies it has included

Some may think that I’m a jerk and others might say I’m mean

But I could teach some a thing or two, lessons they could glean

Forget about being politically correct or giving out false praise

Because I know exactly who I am, and honestly to me, it pays©

by Mac





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16 responses to “No Filter

  1. So refreshing in a world where most people are afraid of offending somebody. 🙂

  2. Ditto me!!! I love people who are vocal, who SAY what they are feeling instead of sulking all the way…..
    Loved how you turned it into a poem

  3. no problems….even if it pays….nice one…

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